Most Common Questions Teens Ask About the Gospel (+ the Answers)

My child is involved with the Mormons! What can I do? By Richard Packham Over the last few years I have received hundreds of unsolicited e-mails like the following: Our son has been dating a Mormon girl and is planning to be baptized Mormon so that he can marry her at her temple she insists that she must be married in a Mormon ceremony. What can we do? My daughter was brought up Baptist and was active in her church youth group.

Recovery from Mormonism

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Jon Birger, author of “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game,” compared the overall dating statistics of Utah to dating within the LDS Church and the numbers are very similar.

As one might expect, the odds are definitely not in favor of us single women, particularly as we age, and from my personal experience, the odds may be even more dismal outside of Utah. As single women, we represent the largest proportion of LDS women who work outside of the home. We have to work. And yet, despite our large numbers, it is our narrative that is markedly absent from narratives of working women.

Is it because we feel that our stories do not have merit? Or we believe that no one cares? Is it too painful to talk or write about? Is it that we think our stories are not as complicated or messy or guilt-ridden as those of our married-with-children counterparts? Or are we still trying to figure out how we fit within a church that is so marriage and motherhood centered? While our questions may differ from those of our married counterparts, I would suggest that as single women, our lives are just as complicated, messy, guilt-ridden, and legitimate.

Rather than faced with decisions about juggling motherhood and education and work, we are faced with other no-less simple questions: If I had focused less on my education and career, would I be married?

7. Dating and Marriage

Married Hi Nathaniel, That is a tough place to be! I sadly concur with your assessment of the L. Church, and have had reaching it to Mormons on my heart for quiet a while. It’s a hefty copy, but if your in college you may appreciate that size of book. I recommend it because of a table it has that is simply a rundown of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. Even more helpful is the meaty reference index at the back to support the table it provides.

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I am taking the missionary discussions, and I really don’t believe that Mormonism is a divinely inspired church. But I am thinking of joining anyway, because I want to spend the rest of my life married to this wonderful person. What advice do you have for me? Here are answers that have been given by former Mormons on that list. Sometimes the questioner was a woman, in love with a Mormon man, sometimes a man in love with a Mormon woman.

The gender references, of course, reflect the gender of the original questioner. Love is a powerful thing. I think that you know deep in your heart whether or not you are seriously considering not joining the mormon church, or if you are definitely going to join because you love her. I’m hoping that the former is true, and that you are seriously trying to decide whether or not to join, irrespective of your passion for her. I think that there are two things to consider, and consider hard.

If you wish your children to be chaste, regardless of their self-esteem, mormonism is for you. They will frighten your children into submission. They will teach your boys that masturbation is evil They will teach your girls that they have worth only so long as they can remain virgins until they marry.

Curse of Cain?

Anyway, I bet all you single people are super jealous of where I live. Take away the best snow for skiing that exists on Earth at least it used to be before the globe started warming. And you have this stripped-down bubble called Utah. More specifically for the next two months at least , I live in this bubble within the bubble called Utah County.

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Find out some of the facts that construct its true culture for yourself. The Church has more than 16 million members The Church was organized in a small farm town of upstate New York in the year , with just six original members. Despite that, the sweeping winds of the Church have blown over the earth and into the hearts of many, making it one of the fastest growing churches in America.

In fact, it is one of the few churches that is still growing. However, this does not make it an American church. There are actually more members outside the United States than within it. There are more non-English speakers than English speakers, and the Book of Mormon is actually translated into languages, including Maori, Armenian, Rarotongan and several African-based languages.

The Church’s Growth, Structure and Reach

Our best advice to avoid disappointment: This applies to the ladies, too. What that means is, essentially, a sexy dress. And the reality is that these clubs do care about how their guests look.

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There is also a letter with four questions you can have mom and dad fill out for each girl. They will LOVE and treasure this letter. Included is a page of awesome quotes that are really relevant to the youth. There is also a print with 40 cheap and fun group dates. That is a great handout! Here are some thoughts on this subject by Shannon: Most youth love to talk about dating.

It is what they think about and what to know more about! Whenever we talked about it, their eyes lit up and I had their total attention and I consistently felt a great need to bring this back into the lives of our youth.

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Most non-LDS list that detail as well. I actually love that people mention it. It happens a lot. If I am convinced of anything in the Utah dating game by now, it is that it will never, and I mean never work out between a believing Mormon girl and me, even if that Mormon girl is a non-active Mormon or a partial believer. There are so many incredibly beautiful single Mormon women around here. And as a typical man, having dating fun on a superficial app, that does affect things.

What’s the Deal with Boys? What’s the Deal with Girls?

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We are hopeful to begin dialogue in a respectful, constructive manner. Perhaps we can even set a precedence for it! We desire to create a safe environment for all Latter-day Saints, regardless of viewpoint.

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