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WE had an amazing lobby day in Albany, and we can state without a shadow of a doubt that we had a very positive reception and response. It was truly history in the making, a day that one could only hope for and yet with the help of the Almighty has finally come to fruition. Chasidim and misnagdim stood side by side with gentiles male and female, children, parents and grandparents; clergy and laymen. The playing field was leveled. We were all there for the same cause, either as victims, family of victims or advocates for victims and children. We relayed certain information that they were previously unaware of and quite shocked to learn such as the non-public school system has no laws governing them as far as child safety is concerned. No mandatory finger-printing and background checks of staff, no teacher licensing, no mandatory reporting system on abuse or molestation. Engelman made a point of informing our legislatures that every male teacher that is charged with teaching Torah or religious subjects is referred to as Rabbi and it does not mean that they have studied in rabbinical seminary nor has received rabbinical ordination.

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It is a time for introspection, and tefillah. Perhaps there is no person in recent generations to whom we owe more spiritual hakaras hatov, than the Chofetz Chaim, who bestowed upon us, the twin berachos of the Mishnah Berurah and the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, sefarim that illuminate our spiritual lives every single day of the year. Jews throughout the world gathered to recite specific chapters of tehillim and learn segments from the two seminal sefarim written by the Chofetz Chaim, the Mishnah Berurah and the Sefer Chofetz Chaim.

The Yom Limud and Tefillah, under the auspices of Dirshu and its kiruv arm, Acheinu, is designed to reach out with a message of achdus to all Jews from across the spectrum and at all levels of observance, promoting Torah learning and tefillah.

The Rebbe’s answer came back immediately: “Shidduch Schneerson nachon – the Schneerson match is proper,” along with this postscript, “Bikkur b’mekomos hakedoshim – Be sure to visit the holy sites.”.

For anyone not familiar with the island, it is about kms east of Athens in the Aegean Sea. During the summer season when tourists come and go air traffic volume is high, with mostly international carriers using the airport, however during the winter months air traffic is reduced and flights in and out of Mykonos tend to be primarily domestic. In a typical year , passengers go through Mykonos Island National Airport. This addon was developed by 29Palms Scenery Design and is a detailed recreation of Mykonos airport and the islands of Mykonos, Delos and Rinia.

Installation Installation of the product is very simple requiring minimal intervention. You add your email address and registration code and then allow the installer to carry on. The final step has the installer adding the scenery to FSX so the next time you open up your simulator it will be available to use. Installation size is approximately 1. I highly recommend that after completing the installation you check your scenery settings and compare them with those in the manual, especially the mesh resolution.

Documentation There is no shortage of documents. They include an English manual, a German manual and 13 airport charts.

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For any questions, comments or for the full Mareh Mekomos / sources, please email the author: [email protected] Rabbi Yehuda Spitz serves as the Sho’el U’ Meishiv and Rosh Chabura of the Ohr Lagolah Halacha Kollel at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Yerushalayim.

Mincha is at 6: Register on-line at www. Yom Tov, whose artwork emphasizes rabbis, Jewish life and rituals, will discuss and show his recent work and offer specific work for sale at that time. Trained in Russia, Yom Tov was born into an artistic family and now resides in Jerusalem. Lectures are for men and women in private homes. For more information e mail innertorahla gmail.

For men and women in the Goldstein-Baim Beit Medrash at 8: Tel Dr. If you are interested in learning Chumash in depth and sharing it with other women, this program is for you. We will pair up and learn Chumash Shemos pasuk by pasuk with Mefarshim. A certain level of textual skills is needed. We are however open to pairing up people of different levels depending on their wants and needs.

Starts Thursday, May 15th. For a special evening of learning for men and women Shiurim Schedule:

Sefer Marei Mikomos : Kovetz Mezuza

The Rebbe shaped my life in many ways. He guided me regarding my marriage prospects, advised me on how to earn a livelihood, and set my rabbinical career on the right course. My gratitude to him is without measure, and I would like to take this opportunity to relate just a few personal examples that demonstrate his love and care for his chasidim. Back in the early s, while I was still a student at the Chabad yeshiva in Brooklyn, I was in a quandary.

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Intellectual honesty I wish to respond to an incorrect and disparging remark made by Elie Ginsparg in Avodah V2 in the course of his attack on G. Scholem and others, viz. From the context and the writer’s mocking tone, it is apparent that the paragraph is to be taken sarcastically. However, there is no evidence supporting this attack on Einstein’s intellectual honesty. Let us examine why Einstein introduced the so-called “cosomological constant”, apparently what Mr.

Ginsparg refers to as a “fudge factor”.

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Don’t mess with my Rebbe This writing down of Rabbi Chaim Schapiro’s every utterance is getting a bit ridiculous. Some might even unkindly suggest that I have a crush or something on the guy. I was once accused of that by someone, and boy was she embarrassed when I said that the person she thought I had a crush on was in fact my honored father. No, our leader here in Morristown Smicha is not my father, though it does say in the holy books that someone who teaches you Torah is considered to be your pater.

Regardless of this, that, and the other thing, and now that we’re done with that little introduction, I suppose it’s a good idea to get on with the post. This morning my chavrusa and I started siman and right away the Beis Yosef mentioned the case of an “achbar b’shikra. I said, “You mean, you figure that out after you finish vomiting. You don’t know what’s going in on your sheichar and wine. Later, in shiur, the Rabbi said that some people were complaining that since they sat in the back of zal they hadn’t found out that there was going to be shiur until right before it began.

The Rabbi related that back in the day, before 22 Shevat ’48, no one knew if the Rebbe would farbreng on any given shabbos. Sometimes the Rebbe would say the mareh mekomos of the Rashi he’d be discussing that Farbrengen. The bochurim in Oholei Torah and Morristown would think up all sorts of questions on that week’s Rashis and put them in the kovtzim because sometimes the Rebbe would announce that he would be dealing with “ha’ara 8” or whichever number it was in that weeks kovetz.

No one knows if the Rebbe already had an answer or was saying, “I’ll figure this out by tomorrow.


Save Article Tokyo Japan – The last court session before the sentencing and verdict was held at the trial of the youngest of the 3 yeshiva students who were caught smuggling drugs to Japan. At the hearing, the prosecution demanded that the court sentence the youth to the maximum punishment of ten years. The prosecution had insisted that the trial be held in criminal court, instead of family court where most trials involving minors take place.

Tag: charedim More on Same Gender issues There is an interesting piece in Tablet Magazine where Rabbi Benny Lau, considered a moderate by many, makes a powerful speech.

FREE Come in for many more unadvertised specials! The first question that comes to mind is how could such an event have transpired? What could possibly have led a person to speak about Hashem in such a vile fashion? And so Rashi tells us. The blasphemer was born to a Jewish mother and an Egyptian father. However he had a problem. The problem was that Shevet Dan had no interest in hosting a foreigner amongst them.

The case made its way through the ranks, eventually ending up in the Bais Din of Moshe Rabainu. Moshe Rabainu ruled that the Shevet of Dan was indeed correct and that the stranger had no place amongst them even though his mother was a member of the tribe. Chazal tell us that there was a special place in the camp for converts and those who made the choice to join Klal Yisroel. Even though he was technically Jewish he too would have had a place there.

Furious by the outcome, the tribe-less man left the Bais Din and blasphemed.

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Berating someone for having such desires, or call it a disposition research on this will emerge over the next ten years, have no doubt , is not of value in this day. Indeed, it could cause someone to feel that they are so hopeless, that they make take their own life in the worst case, or become so depressed that they cannot function as a human being. I believe this is true. The best way to influence someone is to be a living and shining example of what a Jew with unconditional belief, and intellectual submission to the Torah means, and that such a person can be pleasant and sensitive, as can the Judaism they practice.

Intellectual submission to Torah in the form of Emunah is something that is axiomatic for the practicing Orthodox Jewish person.

A Shtetl Story by Judith Fein July 31, I was living in Los Angeles and dating Paul, whom I later married. He wanted to introduce me to his parents, and we met at a Chinese restaurant. without neutralizing Chas Vashlom their Torah and their Mekomos Kedoshim which gives the Jews the spiritual strength to resist all attempts to.

Yet one must never allow his concern for others to adversely affect his own spiritual state and one may not compromise his own spirituality even slightly in order to help others. For reasons that are difficult to understand and even harder to explain the general outlook of the yeshiva world towards the kiruv movement has changed greatly over the past several decades. Finally, Rav Finkel broke out in a smile and quipped: However, it is important to note that we believe that, as the Nefesh Almost time for my mmmmmmini HaChaim states, every mitzvah and every moment of Torah study create positive influences in this world and in the higher realms.

These forces create a spiritual atmosphere that brings Jews all over the world back to Torah and mitzvos. Rav Yisroel Salanter famously said that when a yungerman closes his Gemara in Vilna a secular Jew shmads himself in Paris. If he fills himself up with Torah and mitzvos, his fountain will overflow and spread to Jews the world over.

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According to a simple reading of the genealogies recorded in Parashot Beresheet and Noah, respectively, the Mabul took place in the Hebrew year i. An individual who is unfamiliar with the basics of history, Ancient Near East literature and geology will be unphased by this conclusion. For millenia, this was the conventional date assigned to the Flood, and for good reason – there was no evidence to suggest otherwise. The findings of multiple branches of modern scholarship, however, have called this assumption into question on several grounds.

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I have a number of points to make regarding the situation with President Katzav: President Moshe Katzav must resign. Saying the above does not mean I presume him to be guilty. He has the right and the responsibility to defend himself and prove his innocence. I hope that he did not do what he is accused of, simply because of the disgrace it would be if it is found out to be true. But if he is guilty, it will be proven in court with him having an opportunity to defend and he will then suffer the consequences.

Regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty he needs to resign from the presidency. He needs to and will concentrate the immediate future to defending himself in a court of law and in the court of the minds of the Israeli and world public. Being that he will be busy doing so, he should not be sitting in the seat of the Presidency. Israel needs a president who can dedicate his time and energies to the job.

Moshe Katzav will not be able to do so. That is aside from the disgrace this has brought to Israel and the presidency.

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